Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moooove those books--2008 Strolling of the Heifers Booksale is history

I kind of dread this annual booksale thing, because it's alot of hard work. Sorting, schleping, retrieving the shelves, erecting the shelves, scheduling the workers, getting the shelves stocked with inventory, etc. It seems to never end. Then, you got worry about the weather.

And it always does get done. But only with the help from a roomful of people. Let me start with the Friends of the Library who sponsor the event and provide much of the labor.

Then I must mention Elaine Murray, our star book sorter, who works all year going through the many books that come to the library. Staff member Therese Marcy who has a natural knack for making something like a booksale work. And then the all of the volunteers who put in their hours. Here is a list, and my apologies if I forgot someone:

John Crandall, Bob Oeser, Pindaro Lockhart, Bob Pearson, Elizabeth Wohl, Caray Lane, Marshall Wheelock, Veronica Wheelock, Jennifer Reidt, Sharon Reidt, Beverly Fleming, Hazel Anderson, John Nirenberg, Eric Blomquist, Winnie Vogt, Gee Costelloe, Shoshana Rihn, Margot Liddell, Frankie Gibson, Carol Corwin, Bruce Corwin, Matt Raptis, Adrienne Raptis, Devin Starylanyl, Mark Mayer, Stephen Frankel, Joann Nichols, Connie Kimball, Fanny Speno, Helene Henry, Kari Lyn McLellan, Mary Lou Buchanan, Jo Hulbirt, Betty Jean Maples, Patty Frankel, Amelia Hancock.

Gee Costelloe, the FOL vice-president, said to me on Saturday, "You know, Jerry, this is more than just a booksale," "it is the community showing their love of for their library."

So, when you put it that way, memories of all the work dissipate. So, if you want to see this "love for the library" in a virtual sense, please click on this link for a slide show

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Blogger Jessica said...

Jerry - Nice photos of the books sale - they really capture the feeling of the day! -Jess

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry,
Really great pictures of the booksale! How did you have time to take them? Lots of people!


7:18 AM  

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