Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jerry Goldberg honored at Library Trustees' Event

Jerold Goldberg was honored at a backyard get together of Library Board of Trustees at vice-president Sara Warner-Phillips' home on Friday night, June 11.

Jerry was presented with a Vermont slate memento inscribed with the Spirit of Life logos and his term as Trustee, a full 9 years, 3-3 year terms, 1999-2008.

A nice writeup about the Daniel Chester French Spirit of Life sculptures can be found here. The Library is the custodian for the one given to the Town in 1923 which was part of the fountain at Plaza Park on lower Main St.

Jerry's tenure as chair from 2002-2007 saw the library's collection and physical space enhanced with a grants from the Vermont Public Library Foundation. A third five year plan, 2001-2006 was also written under his tenure.

All trustees expressed regret that Jerry fulfilled his term limit, but encouraged him to return in the next several years.

Goldberg is executive director of the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce.

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