Friday, January 25, 2008

Library friend, Castle Freeman, Jr., reads from newest novel, Go With Me

Brooks Memorial Library's friend, Castle Freeman, Jr., of Newfane, will read from his highly acclaimed novel, Go With Me, on Sunday, January 27, 2008, at 2:00 PM in the Library’s main reading room. Read Deborah Luskin's review here.

Howard Frank Mosher says, “Go with Me is the most suspenseful, frightening, memorable and best-written novel about backwoods America since Deliverance. It’s the book Castle Freeman was born to write.

The characters seem as real and human as my next door neighbors. I sat down and read Go with Me straight through. Then I went and got a beer, came back and read it again. Now that’s a novel.”

Castle gets rave reviews from other writers such as, Reeve Lindberg, Jeffery Lent, and Craig Nova. Publishers Weekly says, Go With Me has “dialogue rich with humor, philosophic depth and a near-mythic sensibility.” A starred review in Kirkus, the book [is] “a small masterpiece of black comedy and suspense about a trio of backwoods heroes who embark upon a modern-day quest.... If all novels were this good, Americans would read more." —

The program is free an open to the public.

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