Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fall 2007--Signup/Renew Your Library Card; New Library Programs-lectures, film series, book discussions...and a new carpet!

To misquote Ezra Pound, "Summer isagoin out, Lhude sing Goddamm,!"

But don't despair because we have a some new FICTION book titles; library programs; and physical changes at Brooks to entice you indoors again. And remember to checkout the website and new Library calendar to keep abreast of activities.

Brooks Reader Newsletter--First, watch your mail, if you're a Friends of the Library member, for the Fall 2007 Brooks Reader, the newsletter of our Friends of the Library. Here you will find a guide to what is happening in the library starting in September. The newsletter is also available for you to pickup in the library.

Reading/Discussion series,Wednesdays--American Political and Presidential History,
Part 1—Presidents and First Ladies”
, at noon beginning September 12.

Lectures--Windham World Affairs Council of Vermont, on Friday evenings: Emmanuel Kattan
Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretariat, Alliance of Civilizations,United Nations
The Alliance of Civilizations: building partnerships across cultures and religions, beginning Friday, September 14.

Film Series--Sustainable Choices Film Series. Brooks Memorial Library, in partnership with Brattleboro Climate Protection, Vermont Earth Institute, Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, Post-Oil Solutions, and Windham Environmental Coalition. Tuesday, September 11,at noon, and Wednesday, September 12, at 7pm, ReGeneration: Vermonters Making a Difference. For more information, call Paul Cameron at 802-251-8135

Brattleboro Literary Festival--Sunday, September 30, Beginning at 11 am, with authors, Wayne Carhart, Allen Shawn, Debby Applegate, and Michael Lisey at the Library. See BLF website for more information.

--First Wednesdays, at 7 pm: Willard Sterne Randall, to speak on Alexander Hamilton.

--Thursday, November 1, 7 pm: Ken Gloss of Antiques Roadshow and Boston's Brattle Books, to speak on rare books.

Main Floor panels--August/September Susan Bull Riley still life paintings, in oil; October/November Kate Spencer landscape paintings of the West, in oil

Exhibit Case on 2nd Floor--September Rare books from the library’s Fine Arts Collection; October/November Brattleboro Mineralogical Society

Children’s Book Illustrators cabinet (second floor)--August Thacher Hurd, author/ illustrator of nearly 200 children’s books, including Art Dog, Blackberry Ramble, Pea Patch Jig, Mama Don’t Allow; September/October Lita Judge from Peterborough, New Hampshire.

And, don't forget, the Library will be closed Friday through Monday until noon, August 24 to August 27, for a carpet installation on the main floor. We will be switching over to Fall hours after the Labor Day holiday. The Library will be open from 10 to 5 pm, Saturdays, beginning, September 8.

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