Sunday, February 11, 2007

Listen to author talks? It's easy with OPAL

I am listening right now to a talk presented by Alaska mystery author, Dana Stabenow. Her talk was recorded by OPAL, the Online Programming for all Libraries, whose purpose is:

OPAL is an international collaborative effort by libraries of all types to provide web-based programs and training for library users and library staff members. These live events are held in online rooms where participants can interact via voice-over-IP, text chatting, and synchronized browsing. Everyone is welcome to participate in OPAL programs. Usually there is no need to register. Nearly all OPAL programs are offered free of charge to participants.

Go to the link above and click on archive. You will see a list of lectures and presentations done in libraries all over the US. You get the audio as well as the chat history of listeners of the talk.

You can also listen to these lectures in real-time by clicking on chronological list of all scheduled programs to see what is being offered. Here you can listen and comment while the lecture is being presented.

Again, the "good" Internet skrinks the world for all of us. Check it out!

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