Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shanghai Library: Contact

Our travel hosts, People-to-People, and their in-country contacts in China were unable to help me to make contact with a library in Beijing or Shanghai. In desperation I sent an email to one of the largest libraries in China--the Shanghai Public Library. Finding its web site was quite easy and the library itself is quite impressive: nearly 50 million items; almost .25 million square feet; and 8,000 visits a day. On Monday I received an email from Ms. Shen Hong of the International Cooperation Division of the Shanghai Library. She welcomed me, gave me her direct phone number, and set a time on Thursday, November 17, to meet at the front desk in the Library. Our delegation arrives in Shanghai on Thursday morning so there should be time to settle in our hotel, the Shanghai HoJo, have lunch, and meet with Ms. Shen at the library. I am still looking for a library contact in Beijing. If anyone has any ideas please post a comment.


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