Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chinese Cultural Revolution from the bottom up

Thomas Friedman in is October 21, 2005, NY Times article, notes the Chinese embracing of the new technology, especially podcasting. Podcasting is the ability for any individual to create audio or video content, upload it to a podcasting site, and distribute the content to anyone over the web. He calls it a cultural revolution from the bottom-up that will be driven by podcasting and Ipods. Friedman discusses the Chinese podcasting site, Below is what the creator says:

"We already have 13,000 channels on our site and about 5,000 of them are updated regularly," said Gary Wang, 32, the Fuzhou-born and U.S.- and French-educated Chinese engineer who founded Toodou. Any Chinese can create his or her own channel of video or audio content on Toodou (which means "potato"), and other individuals sign up to get that channel's new uploads." Toodou's goal, Mr. Wang said, "will be to connect [Chinese] people to their tastes and to their potential collaborators. We will have a huge content database, and we will share the revenue with content providers." Friedman says of this that the next phase of globalization will be "glolocalization"--"more and more content made global."

"We have different songs and we want to express different things, but the desire is the same," Mr. Wang said. "We all want to be seen and heard and be able to create stuff we like and share it. ... People from all over the world will draw knowledge and inspiration from the same technology platform, but different cultures will flourish on it. It is the same soil, but different trees will grow."

This is truly revolutionary.


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