Thursday, June 23, 2005

From Yao to Mao

Although I have been reading daily articles on China in the International Herald Tribune, my thoughts on these have not made it to the the blog. However, currently I am listening to a comprehensive lecture series on the history of China from the Teaching Company, entitled, From Yao to Mao: 5000 Years of Chinese History. The lecturer is Professor Kenneth Hammond of New Mexico State University. The CD series includes 36 lectures of 30 minutes each. This course presents the history of China and covers the basic political, cultural, and social history from its mythological origins through the 20th century. If you have not checked out any of the Teaching Company offerings you are in for a stimulating treat. Since 1990 they have been searching for the best lecturers in universities across the country and taping for CD, video, and DVD formats, their lectures. For more information on this course--and others the Teaching Company offers-- visit


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