Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brooks Memorial Library 1st Annual Trivia Contest

SAY! What DO YOU Know?

Brooks Library

1st Annual Trivia Contest

Sunday, April 11, 2 PM


River Garden, Brattleboro

Join us with your trivia team on Sunday, Aprill 11, at 2 PM, at the River Garden in Brattleboro to help the Library meet our fund raising goal for the Bill and Melinda Gates Online Opportunity Grant.

Here is how the trivia contest is going to work. Fifteen teams comprised of no more than 6 members each will donate $100 to participate.

There will be 7 categories of trivia: Politics, The Arts, Popular Culture, Local History, Food, Sports, and a category of general questions.

Each category of questions will be distributed to teams, and the questions will be asked by the hosts (see below). Responses will be recorded on the sheet and then self-graded later.

Download a Team Registration Form here.

Category hosts will include Master of Ceremonies Archer Mayor, and special guests, Greg Worden (Politics), Jerry Goldberg (Popular Culture), Gail Nunziata (the Arts), Fran Lynggaard Hansen (Local History), Jon Potter (Sports), and Tristan Toleno (Food.) There will be a prize for the winning team.

In addition, in the weeks leading up to the contest, individuals can stop in the library and enter the Trivia Raffle Contest. For an entry fee of $5, answer 5 questions-these can be researched at the library-and submit your answers. The winners will be randomly selected at the RiverGarden at the end of the team contest on April 11.

Join in the fun, help the Library update library technology, and get a chance at winning a prize. Refreshments will be served.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stephen King Film Series in March

Wednesdays at 7 PM
Library Meeting Room

Wednesday, March 10, 7 PM, Cat's Eye
with Drew Barrymore and James Woods

Rated PG-13; 92 minutes; 1985
Stephen King, author of such frightening horror tales as The Shining, Creepshow, Carrie, and Cujo, uses the adventures of a stray cat to adapt three of his classic short stories for this exciting thriller.

Wednesday, March 17, 7 PM Hearts In Atlantis
with Anthony Hopkins, Hope Davis, and David Morse, Rated PG-13; 101 minutes; 2001

When photographer Robert Garfield (Morse) comes back to his hometown of Harwich CT to attend the funeral of his childhood friend killed in combat during the Vietnam War. This trip back home also causes a trip back in time as he thinks back to the summer of 1960. He was 11 years old and living a difficult life with an angry mother (Davis) in a run-down boarding house. A mysterious stranger, Ted Brautigan (Hopkins), moves in upstairs and immediately strikes up a relationship with Robert. He hires Robert to keep an eye out for the "low men", who are pursuing him for reasons he won't reveal. This beautifully acted and poignant film is adapted from Stephen King's best selling series of five vignettes.

Wednesday, March 24, 7 PM. Secret Window
with Johnny Depp, Maria Bello, John Turturro, and Timothy Hutton, Rated PG-13; 96 minutes; 2004

Adapted from Stephen King's 1990 novel "Two Past Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden" this thriller stars Johnny Depp as a just-divorced writer whose retreat to a secluded lake house is disturbed by a psychotic who claims that the writer has stolen an idea from him. John Turturro co-stars as the intruder

Wednesday, March 31, 7 PM
with Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Michael Constantine, and Kari Wuhrer. Rated R; 92 minutes; 1996

From the imaginative mind of masterful author Stephen King comes a haunting story of an extremely overweight, happy-go-lucky defense attorney with the perfect family who suddenly finds himself rapidly becoming thinner and thinner. Starring Robert John Burke as the melting man that must unravel the supernatural mystery before he wastes away to nothing, THINNER is a chilling tale of horror, curses, and paranormal activity.

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